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Continuing to try to stretch her 15 minutes, “Cash Me Ousside” girl Danielle Bregoli appeared in a song and music video with another wannabe fame whore, Stitches. Clips of the pair filming a video in Miami surfaced last night on the web, with a preview of Danielle’s verse that goes:

“My daddy was a ghost, I pull up in the Ghost
I’m travelin’ the world, Young Coast To Coast”

Good lord. This girl is 13, please remember this! Now her team is pissed, telling TMZ that their client was “bribed” into the situation and felt “uncomfortable” the whole time, but it sounds more like they’re mad she made a move that they’d advised against.

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Apparently, Stitches made a formal request to her team for a collaboration earlier this week, but was shot down. Undeterred, he took to social media and went straight to one of Danielle’s friends, offering her money if she could get Danielle to his house to record. Of course it worked, and here we are now.

Danielle’s rep says, “Stitches is a scumbag. He tricked a child into his van by offering her candy.” For his part, Stitches says no money was involved and Danielle wanted to do it, and he “only wanted to be a positive mentor.”

Ugh, all of these people are disgusting and I wish they’d go away!

Cash me outside chick a rapper now ? ?

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