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Instagram’s comment-liking feature is getting people caught up out here. Not too long after her “second mom,” Tina Lawson, was caught in some drama over an accidental like that shaded Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland found herself in a very similar situation.

Yesterday, Ciara’s controversial maternity photo was making its round on the web, with many criticizing it for having her toddler son naked on her belly, and her husband, Russell Wilson, hidden behind her lower back with only his hands showing.

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Kelly must have been perusing the comments section to see what others were saying (as we all do!), and hit ‘like’ on a comment that read:

“This is not a cute pic….sorry…it’s no different than the one with the chick and her little boy…why must everyone prove a point by being in your bday suit.”

Considering the friendship that Kelly and Ciara have, many were shocked to see she’d “agree” with something like this – at least publicly – but Kelly was quick to explain herself once social media picked up the story. Check out what she said below!

Maybe #KellyRowland's finger slipped ??? #Ciara

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