Tattoo Removal Company Offers Complimentary Procedure to Fix Stitches’ Face

It has been a rough few weeks for Miami rapper Stitches. If you don’t know already he was beat up by The Games Manager, Wack 100 and he got jumped by his friends (side note stitches…..get new friends) It’s been more than a rough few weeks for this guy it’s actually been flat out embarrassing. I am still trying to figure out how you get beat up on camera that many times in one week but anyway a tattoo removal company has offered to remove the rappers tattoos that are on his face. Read more after the jump.

(Video) WHAT: Stitches Says Punch To The Face Led To Some Positive Things

Rapper Stitches has made it clear that he does not “like the motherf**ker,” The Game, and vice versa for The Game. But like most cliques, when you don’t like one, you don’t like all; or all doesn’t like you. This being the reason Stitches got knocked the f**k out (in my Smokey voice) by Wack 100 one fateful night in Miami-and the next day by friends. During a recent chat with TMZ Live, Stitches says the one-hitter put-her-to-sleeper punch was well worth it, because his records sales have gone way up; he feels blessed. Drop down (no pun intended) bottom for more.

Boxing: Stitches Wants The Game to Fight Him in Celebrity Boxing Event

Deja Vu? Remember when The Game beat up 40 Glocc on camera then 40 kept pressing The Game to fight him in a boxing ring for $100K?  Well here we go again.  This time it’s Stitches who wants to get in the ring with the Cali rapper.

(Video) Game Pokes Fun At Stitches In Front Of A Huge Crowd Of People

Stitches has been all in the media lately for getting his ass kicked twice in one week. Last weekend Stitches was punched in the face by The Games manager, Wack 100 and jumped by his own friends! It honestly should be a crime to get beat up that much in that short amount of time, but it looks like The Game finds it hilarious and clowns him in front of a huge crowd of people. Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) Video Footage Of Stitches Getting Beat Up By His Friends

I think that it’s safe to say that it as been a rough week for Stitches. Last week The Game made the irrelevant rapper some what relevant to the world. The two got into a confrontation which turned physical after The Game’s manager, Wack 100 punched him in the face. After that beat down Stitches went to Instagram and claimed that his own friends beat him up. Will this guy ever catch a break? Probably not. A source close to the rapper claims that he set up one of his friends to get robbed. Look at this smack down after the jump!

Game’s Manager Wack 100 Speaks On Putting Stitches To Sleep

The next chapter in Stitches’ storied failed-before-it-took-off rap career is here as the man who made him eat his own words, Wack 100, details the story of just what happened last week at Story nightclub in Miami. Interview and story after the jump.

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