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Another ‘Back for the 2nd time’ Funk Flex Freestyle big Bars views artist, Yo is here to deliver… you guessed it, More Bars!

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Hello Rapper World…. So you’re an talented independent artist that Freestyles and wants a shot at spitting next to Flex as well as one of the other opportunities like possible Stage performance, or getting studio time to meeting with label execs… and much more to come… No Worries, we have you covered below!

(Video) Too Cute: Mother Raps To Her Children In A ‘Trap Queen’ Remix

This is too cute. In a video we see a mother rapping to her kids to Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen.

(Video) LOL: Young Boys Rapping To Trap Music In The Car While Mom Drives

Kids these days rap and curse with no hesitation, even with Mom around. Don’t think so? Check out this hilarious clip of boys no older than 12 bumping to trap with Mom in the front seat.

(Photo) Azealia Banks Says She’s Tired Of Being A Rapper

Looks like Azealia Banks is tired of doing music. She took to Facebook to say she is now tired of rapping.

(Video) Joseline Hernandez Shows Off New Featured Song

It was a bit difficult trying to take Joseline serious with her music after her come up through reality tv show Love and Hip Hop, but she is working harder than ever!

(Video) SMH: Man Killed Over A Rap Video

The things people are getting killed over today are just terrible and so not worth it. A man has recently been killed over a rap video. Ishmael Daniels has now been charged with the murder of Rashay Garrison

(Videos) The Influence Shakespeare Has On Rap

By: Chinyere Anokwute Twitter Instagram Today in history William Shakespeare died in 1616 but before he passed he left great works such as Romeo and Juliette, Macbeth and Hamlet. Shakespeare has been said to been the motivation of many Artist such as David Bowie, Kanye West and of course the late Tupac Shakur. Check for more after the jump!

Slick Rick Becomes A..U.S. Citizen!

After 40 years in the United States, rap legend Slick Rick becomes a citizen!

(Photos) Chief Keef Announces His Retirement From Rap

Chicago’s own Chief Keef announces via his Twitter that he’s done with the rap game…we can’t really tell if he was kidding, but considering how much music he’s put out lately – it could very well be true. Hit the jump.

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