IFWT_Hamzah Aljahmi fight

19-year old boxer Hamzah Aljahmi wanted to be the next Muhammad Ali, unfortunately his career and life was cut short after he died due to injuries suffered in his first professional fight.

Aljahmi, of Dearborn, died Tuesday at a Youngstown, Ohio hospital after undergoing brain surgery. He collapsed at the end of a Saturday fight against Anthony Taylor, who was also making his professional debut.

Ohio Athletic Commission executive director Bernie Profato says Aljahmi was knocked down three times in the first round but rallied to win the second and third rounds based on the judges’ scorecards.  During the fourth period, Aljahmi punched Taylor with a sweeping hook.  Taylor responded. Moments before the final bell, Taylor backed Aljahmi into the ropes and struck his competitor with a flurry of blows. Aljahmi staggered and fell, trying unsuccessfully to stand in the center of the ring.

Aljahmi was in a coma for a few days before dying Tuesday night from his head injuries sustained during the bout, said his cousin, Ibrahim Aljahim

He “died of blunt force trauma to the head”, according to Mahoning County Coroner Joseph Ohr.

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source: NYDN x Detroit Free Press