The Starz hit show Power was on its way to being blasted after hacker Alonzo Knowles, 23, was caught for stealing personal information (photos) and scripts from celebrities’ computers, including Power star Naturi Naughton.

Knowles made attempt to sell the stolen scripts to a radio host of a “popular drama”, just “to make a few dollars.” However, the host contacted an executive producer of the show, who notified the network. The network than contacted the police who were able to catch the hacker crook via a Facetime chat gone awry.

In a complaint on the theft, it explains that information was compromised in September, and Naturi told investigators she “did not provide any” of her scripts to anyone.

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A Starz representative didn’t want to comment on a “legal investigation,” but did mention that, “We believe that every entertainment company should vigorously protect its intellectual property from theft and blackmail through every legal avenue at its disposal.”

50 Cent even takes to Instagram to weigh in on the hacking.

Damn I know the show is hot, but now people trying to steal the scripts. What the fuck man, so where the sexy pics. Naturi probably had some shit in that phone. Anybody seen ? anything?

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#IJS: On the lookout out for Naturi Naughton’s sexy pics.

SOURCE: NY Daily News