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I think if you have been to a nightclub, you have had a picture taken of you; some during the most odd moments and some while under the influence of alcohol. For this UK chap, he was both.

The guy woke up after a night of partying hard, and saw that the club had posted a photo of he and an old fling. Of course he snapped right back into sober reality when he hit the club up requesting they take the photo off of social media before the current girlfriend gets wind of the indiscretions.

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JaaiR (JR): Twitter | Instagram | Periscope

“Hi, I’m gonna be honest, got a bit messy last night and you’ve took this photo of me wit my ex bird. If ma current bird sees it she’ll physically hospitalize me please please please can ya delete it asap Cheers.”

LMAO. He said my “ex bird.”

Any how, the club was willing to take the evidence down after a small exchange of GREEN.

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SOURCE: Baller Alert