Since the Fox series ‘Empire‘ has had ratings shoot through the roof, there has been a few people coming for Lee Daniels’ pockets; there have been claims of Daniels taking a person’s life story, making it his own personal money maker, and more. This time around, the claim is coming form Clayton Tanksley, an actor that formerly guest appeared on ‘The Cosby Show,’ according to The Philadelphia Daily News.

Tanksley says that Daniels stole the show’s idea from him during a 2008 event named the Philly Pitch.

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Last year, Sophia Eggleston sued Daniels on the basis that he had taken the characteristics of her and instilled them in the ‘Empire‘ character, Cookie Lyon. This year, Tanksley says that Daniels took the whole idea.

After the 2008 event, Tanksley pitched his television show idea to Daniels and gave him scripts as well as DVDs of the show he was pitching, according to the suit. About eight years later, it’s clear that Daniels ran with the pitch.

The suit filed Friday names Daniels, co-creator Danny Strong, Twenty-First Century Fox, the Greater Philadelphia Film Office and the film office’s director, Sharon Pinkenson.

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SOURCE: Page Six