Anderson .Paak made a name for himself after heavily featuring on Dr. Dre’s Compton album. In a recent interview, Anderson talks about how the opportunity came about for him to work with a hip-hop legend. Hit the jump for more.

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Anderson .Paak dropped his first major album called Malibu. To promote his album the artist has been doing interviews, and the California artist was asked about working with Dr. Dre.

I got a call from Ty Cannon, he’s the lead A&R at Aftermath. He asked if we wanted to come through and work on some production for Dr. Dre with DJ Dahi and DJ Khalil. I said “Let’s do it!” I was a big fan of both of those producers. I didn’t know how the Dr. Dre thing would pan out, because being around the city for so long, everybody says they have connects to Dre, Detox this-and-that. I didn’t know anything about the Compton album.

We went over there and the first two people I met were Dre and the D.O.C. They were real cool, super chill. We shook hands and I went into the studio and met some of the other producers and they said “We’ve been listening to your song ‘Suede’ and have been hooked on it for the last two or three weeks. We got some music and want to know if you hear anything in it and want to get you on it.” I was all about it.

They played the first beat, for “All In a Day’s Work,” and I was just hooked. I already had ideas in my head. Before I laid anything, they called Dre back in and wanted him to listen to my song because he hadn’t heard anything yet, so I was kind of nervous. They played the song for him and he was like “Okay. Run that back. Okay, run that back again.” They played it three times and after the third time he was like “Let’s work.” It was on after that.

It’s great to watch the success of a humble artist. Hopefully his album is successful and he continues to grow.

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