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So a little over a week ago Kim Kardashian kinda told everyone in a tweet that G.O.O.D. Fridays was back, and that Kanye would be dropping a new track every friday. Well she wasn’t lien because out of the blue Kanye dropped his new track Facts on a thursday night, which is almost Friday and shocked everyone. But this week Kanye failed to release another new G.O.O.D. Friday song and people were upset! But Kim of course came to her and her boo’s defense and had to explain the reason behind the delay in the release of his new song.

Check out what kim said after the jump!


Kim K took it to twitter to explain why her hubby Kanye flopped on dropping a new track for G.O.O.D. Friday. In the first tweet Kim said,

“I soooo didn’t mean to lie to you guys about GOOD FRIDAYS coming back. Kanye flew to Italy for a Yezzy Season 3 fitting.”


“He flew Noah out with him so he could finish “No More Parties In La” & wrote 90 bars on the plane there!!!”

So not only was Kanye flying to Italy just to handle business but he some how found a way to handle other business and write a whole new song while on his way there? Now thats what you call commitment! Kim continued to get fans excited with her last tweet that said,

“This is the 1st song ever with Kanye & Kendrick Lamar! He just landed & headed straight to the studio to finish it!!!”

So, hang in there guys! New music is coming, we just have to be a little more patient!

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