So Mariah Carey has recently just announced that she is engaged to James Packer. Thats cute and all, but theres just one issue holding them back… NEITHER one of them are divorced.

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Despite the prenup that Mariah and Nick had, they still have a few financial situations to work out. Mariah and Nick separated after Mariah had a few issues with him in the financial department. There was a video of Mariah having dinner with her lawyers regarding the matter. Sources say that the two are actually getting along better for now. They are working towards finalizing their divorce, but they are not quite there yet.

James Packer is not in the clear yet either. He and his wife Erica Packer split in 2013. Although she has also moved on and is now dating Seal, they too are not divorced yet. Apparently laws in Australia have slowed down their process to getting the divorce finalized.

Looks like this is going to be one long engagement for Carey and Packer. Also looks like they are jumping the gun a little too soon but hey… as long as everyones happy. Nick Cannon surely is making light of the situation. He recently went to Instagram to congratulate Carey and her new fiancé on their engagement.

Check out Nick’s post in the gallery.

Source: TMZ
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