Before yesterday, Tyronn Lue’s affiliation with the NBA as either a player or coach was known for basically being the guy Allen Iverson stepped over during the NBA finals. That image is embedded in the mind of every basketball fan and has been turned into a meme countless times. Now Lu has a chance to write some new history involving himself if he can do a good job coaching the Cavs. After the announcement was made, Iverson was one of the first people to publicly send him a message.


Lue has been ruthlessly made fun of over the years from that play in the Finals back in 2000. After he was named coach yesterday, the same meme we have seen for years was changed to show Lue stepping over Blatt and for the first time he wasn’t the joke.

The man responsible for embarrassing Lue all those years ago was quick to send him some love on the new gig. Iverson tweeted “Congratulations to Tyron Lue. Well deserved and good luck. Love you”. Lue probably hopes he never has to deal with the jokes again but if the Cavs don’t win, the slander could be at an all time high.

In the mean time, enjoy this: