Wiz Khalifa had a colossal 2015 and it was all due to just one single – “See You Again”. That song is still in regular radio rotation and will forever be an anthem and memento for the late great Paul Walker. Now, he’s gearing up to release his next album, Khalifa, and gives Billboard the exclusive on what’s been going on with his new level of stardom including “See You Again” not being nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars and Juicy J re-producing his Travis Scott assisted stoner anthem “Bake Sale”. Hit the jump.


On “See You Again” not being recognized by the Oscars:

“I don’t really get into the political stuff. I know that there’s a lot to do with who does get nominated and who doesn’t, and it’s not always just the music, and I’m just focused on the music.”

On Juicy J’s contribution to “Bake Sale”:

“Juicy always takes it to the next level. He takes me and pushes me beyond what I would do for myself, because he looks at me differently than I look at myself. I remember being n the studio one night, and we literally just stumbled on an idea… He was like ‘yo, let me re-produce it.’ He took it that night, and had [TM88] and Lex Luger, and they all went in together and made what we have right now. Shit Was crazy.”

On working with Travis Scott:

“Travis is a friend of mine and I’ve been wanting to work with him for a really long time… Us being young and having the same energy, some of the same inspirations, and a lot of the same crowd it really just made sense on that end.”

Khalifa drops Feb.5