Know the song “White Iverson” by Dallas’ own Post Malone? One of 2015’s hip-hop smash singles? Well, apparently the always interesting Earl Sweatshirt never heard it until this week and he gave his unappreciated comments on the song to the twittersphere. Post Malone wasn’t letting that go and he has responded. Hit the jump.


To say the least, Sweatshirt was not impressed with hip-hop’s newest white rapper:

“just heard the song “white iverson” who mans is this lol, who let this slide”

“lmao I’m a grown ass man, y’all have fun slappin that one”

Once Post saw these tweets he changed his name to Post Sweatpants on twitter and commented “i don’t sweat shit”.

Lol another beef about nothing. Hit the gallery above for photos of the tweets.