A group of St. Ignatius College Preparatory, students are in some deep trouble as they recently they threw a “wigger party.” Not really feeling the joke as much as they were, but luckily consequences were giving out for this type of behavior.

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The word “Wigger” is a combination as we all know of the word “white” and the N word. About 14 of the students took pictures with them throwing up “Westside” and “Peace” signs while rocking “Thug Life” t-shirts. On top of all of that, they had cups of liquor in their hands. SMH. Why is stuff like this becomes so normal in teens today? The pictures were posted online and of course a lot of people weren’t too happy. The principal of St. Ignatius go a hold to what was going on and sent out suspensions.

The school posted a message on their website saying,

“Regardless of the intent of those who participated, their actions had an adverse effect on the community and on them. We categorically condemn this gathering as it does not represent the Ignatian values or ideals that our school stands for, and thus we are called to respond. Over the years, we have done much work in the area of diversity through the school’s Office of Equity and Inclusion, which is an integral part of our school community. Clearly, however, we have more work ahead of us in forming adolescents to be their best selves. Values of diversity, equity and inclusion are core school values. We also acknowledge that this is part of a larger national conversation, and we now have the opportunity to address this issue courageously and directly.”

Shockingly, we learned that a lot of black students actually went to this party. Since when was it okay to attend a party that centralizes around mocking your nationality? The students who were suspended will attend a meeting with the Black Student Union.

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