Chris Brown and his baby mother Nia Guzman are having it out. Guzman is accusing Brown of not only being a bad influence on baby Royalty, but she’s accusing him of getting the child sick. Guzman says that baby Royalty now has asthma and its because of her father exposing her to smoke. As much as Chris Brown does for that child, I don’t see this happening but who knows.

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Guzman says when Royalty comes back from being with her father she always smells like smoke. In legal documents, she says she is really worried about Brown relapsing into his own drug habits. She is trying to take away Chris Brown’s visitations with his daughter. She is asking for a full-time nanny to be around when he is with the child or he not see the child at all. She wants the judge to perform random drug test on Brown to make him stop using drugs as a whole. On top of all of that, Guzman wants $16k in child support as opposed to $2,500.

Chris Brown clearly is super in love with his daughter. I can honestly not see him doing anything to harm that little girl. Brown took to Instagram to calm the storm saying he would never put his child in harms way. He says that he and his mother do so much to take care of that little girl. He went on to say that he is tired of people using his name for negative and that he will continue to be the best father that he can possibly be.

You go Chris. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Source: TMZ