Drake Bell seems to have really high hopes for a new season of “Drake and Josh”. Bell got a chance to sit down and talk with MTV News about how the show would go if it were up to him. To be quite honest, its actually not a bad idea.

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Drake says he would love to have the charter comes back and reunite. He says,

“Josh could come home to visit the parents with his kids and his wife, and he’s got a great job, and Drake comes downstairs and he’s wearing the same clothes and still living with his parents. I think that would be pretty awesome.”

The two were able to do a little mini- union together and Bell claims that they still had that spark. He claims they did the scene is if they did “Drake and Josh” yesterday. I personally would love to see Josh Peck and Drake Bell back on the screen together. Be able to relive a few childhood memories.

Source: Complex