IFWT_Bet Midler

Bett Midler who is is famous for being an actress, singer and entertainer but my generation knows her best from the Halloween movie “Houcus Pocus.” Midler went to Twitter and had a few words for Kanye West. Kanye West called Taylor Swift a “bitch” in one of his songs off his new highly anticipated album “The Life of Pablo” and from the looks of it Bett Midler had a few words for Mr.West. Check out the tweet in the gallery after the jump.

Instagram | Carli Knox

Does Kanye have new beef? Well from the looks of it he just might. Bett Midler went to Twitter and called Kanye West a bitch for calling Taylor Swift a bitch. Kanye stated that he called Taylor a bitch as a term of endearment so Bet decided to call Kanye a bitch and congratulated him on his new album.

Hmmmm….I wonder if Kanye will respond to her tweet. We will wait and see.

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Source: Baller Alert