A new milestone for comedian/actor Kevin Hart! The state of California has rewarded Mr. Hart with his own day for his contributions to the state. Hit the jump for more details and photos.

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Mr. Hart took to his Instagram to break the news that February 22 will forever be known as “Kevin Hart Day”, as he posted:

“Wow….I’m blown away right now!!!! The state of California has just given me my own day!!!! I’m proud to announce that in the state of California February 22nd will forever be know as “Kevin Hart Day”…..Major thank you to Senator Hall & Assembly Woman Burke for showing me such an amazing time at the California State Capitol. #GotMyOwnDay #LookMommaImadeIt #Blessed #MomentsLikeThisMakeItAllWorthIt”

Than with posting another pic with the state assembly he added:

“Me with the members of the California State Assembly….I still can’t believe that the state of California gave me my own Day!!!! February 22nd is My Day people…I’m in the state archives!!!! #KevinHartDay”

Congrats Kevin Hart!