Tyga’s crew is being accused of assaulting two members of EDM group Cash Cash. Jean Paul Makhlouf and Samuel Frisch were reportedly assaulted after Tyga postponed his set on the Inception at Sea cruise festival, which took a toll on Cash Cash’s performance.

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Makhlouf “got mauled” and Tyga’s DJ threw a punch. A Cash Cash representative said,

“A Tyga crew member was [caught on video] kicking Jean Paul in the ribs, while another slammed him to the ground, punching and kicking his head and body while on top of him. Samuel Frisch was also shoved during the scene. Cash Cash was unable to perform their set and Jean Paul was also forced to miss their following show to recover from the incident.”

Cash Cash posted a picture of one of their members who got attacked. They said,

Videos are coming so you can see how barbaric and uncivilized some people can be…