Action Bronson has been hard at work the past year on his tv show “F*ck That’s Delicious”, but he’s getting back to the music now – prepping for his next mixtape release ‘Blue Chips 7’. At a show in New Zealand he performs an untitled track as of now and goes in in this video. Hit the jump!!

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During a show at the Las Vegas Club in Auckland, New Zealand last night, Bronsolino is quoted as saying “This is gonna be on my new shit, Blue Chips 7.” (before going in)

“People only call me when it’s payday/If I’m drowning would they save me?” he raps. Back in October he actually tweeted out the song’s opening line: “As a descendant of the stars, it’s only right that I’ve become one.” Check the gallery above for that.

New Bronson soon!!

Watch below: