Seriously so sad. Cops today are so trigger happy that they’re just shooting at anything that looks like a threat…like a ‘friendly’ dog that was wagging his tail when he first sees the officer. See the surveillance footage after the jump.

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Ahh seriously hard to watch, but you don’t see the dog actually take the bullet. The officer was actually responding to a domestic disturbance at the neighbor’s apartment, when the dog’s owner, Yvonne Rosado, opened the door to see what was going on, which is when 4-year old Spike slipped out to greet the officer.

Rosado told reporters that she was in her apartment dancing with Spike, who liked to stand up on his back legs and dance to Kid Cudi.

The NYPD told the Daily News it was reviewing the shooting, while Rosado said she plans to file a grievance with the city’s Civilian Review Board.

Rest in peace Spike!