A few months ago, the media went crazy after Rymir Satterhwaite made claims that Jay-Z was his father. Satterhwaite filed a civil suit against Jay in a bid to force him to take a paternity test. His mother, Wanda Satterthwaite, also had a claim against Jay for the same thing. She claims that she and Jay had a on and off relationship around the time her son was conceived.

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We now hear that Rymir is taking his case to the U.S. a Congressional Hearing. He first needed valid information to even pull a case on the rapper. The Family Civil Liberties Union has been supporting the case which has now been getting national attention. Radar Online, which is who Rymr did his interview with, confirmed their support for him.

“A family advocate in Baltimore, Maryland, NickyRoberts, was given opportunity to have several people from around the country speak about their problems with family court and/or attorneys. Rymir has been approved to speak and will get about five minutes in front of Congress!”

Rymir’s mother was also asked to provide information in which she did.

“Wanda Satterthwaite was asked to provide information to U.S. Congressman, Ryan Costello, who believes family court issues are a national problem which many have across the nation. Wanda has provided her information already too.”

Source: Hollywoodunlocked