YG and Nipsey Hussle have had fans from all over screaming their new Anti-Donald Trump anthem, ‘FDT’. Despite the song’s success, the video shoot for it wasn’t as smooth when local police interrupted.

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On April 3rd YG and Nipsey Hussle orchestrated a video shoot for their song FDT, and had several fans there singing the lyrics. Unaware that this was a video shoot, officers saw the large crowd and began to point their guns. All over social media, fans and even YG shared clips of the police getting involved in the shoot. YG is pleased with the outcome of the song has been getting, and how well it’s been received by fans. He said,

“This is real hip-hop. This is what this shit is built off of-talking about the culture and what’s going on and putting it out there to make a difference.”

YG shared how the song definitely sparked some controversy, but needed to be heard.

“We feel a similar way everybody else feels. We just took it on the chest. Like, ‘Look, This is what we about to do. We gonna speak on it.’ Fuck whatever consequences and all of that. We gonna deal with it.”

Fortunately, there wasn’t any injuries or shootings at the shoot. YG confirmed that they have some dope footage awaiting for the video.