Aaaaaye, looks like Barack and Michelle aren’t the only Obamas to make into Harvard. Congrats to young Milia, future Class of 2021.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

If you’re doing the math, you would probably see that something doesn’t add up. That’s because Malia Obama will be taking a year off from school and staring in the fall of 2017. Why make this move? Some people think the main reason for this is the amount of attention she would receive if she were to jump right in.

The Obama’s have already tried to keep both of their daughters away form the limelight for years now. A year after Barack Obama’s presidency would be perfect timing, as the camera’s wont be on the Obama’s as much as they are now.

Year off or no year off, that’s an amazing feat. She was part of the 5.2% that were accepted by Harvard, the most selective percentage in it’s school’s history. So, once again, congrats to her.

But off course not even a day has passed since the statement was released and the internet just couldn’t chill. Check out in the gallery as a fake letter from “Malia Obama” to Harvard has magically surfaced… It ridiculous lol