For those who aren’t familiar with who Miss BumBum is, she holds the title of having the best butt in Brazil. Well she went ahead and used her curves to reel in soccer super star Pique aka Shakira’s boyfriend. Click more to get the full scoop on the shade.

Alexandra Instagram|Twitter

There might be some trouble in social media land, after Miss BumBum (woman with the best butt in Brazil) basically took several pictures of her ass and showcased them on her account, while adding a spin to it….she tagged Pique in her photos WHILE wearing his jersey and showcasing her ass-sets.

Now, this isn’t the first time Miss BumBum flirted with an athlete on social media. Her last time doing this was towards Messi (another famous soccer player), which resulted in her getting blocked from his account because he too has a girlfriend.

I guess soccer stars in relationships are more attractive to Miss BumBum then the talented soccer athletes that are already single whom she can attempt to flirt with.