We told you that the Lakers were selling a portion of the floor that Kobe Bryant played his final professional NBA game on…the 8 of course…his old number, not the new one. But did you guess it would go for over $180K?? Who bought it? Keep reading.

We have no idea who bought it! The buyer opted to remain anonymous, but at $180K on some floor panels…I’ve got a short list of whose wall, man or wo-man-cave will be donning the infamous wood particles.

1. Jack Nicholson (duh)
2. Snoop D-O-double gizzle
3. Leo DiCaprio
4. Tom Cruise
5. Bill O’Reilly
6. Drew Barrymore
7. David Beckham
8. Justin Bieber
9. Chris Rock
10. Kobe himself!!!

Whomever it was, enjoy your 20×8 foot investment, I’m sure you have the space!

If you’re mad you missed out, you can still break out your debit card and buy a 24K gold fitted cap for about $40K or a diamond one for about $25k at The Lakers Store. Insert blank-stare emoji here.