Haitian Flag

Usually on Haitian Flag Day, proud Haitians rock their flags and celebrate their country’s independence. But students at a Florida high school were surprised when they were asked to remove their prideful clothes and some were even sent home! Read more after the jump.

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Students at Immokalee were angered and surprised at their school’s reaction to their Haitian Pride. Students were sent home and asked to change their clothes, despite the fact Mexican students weren’t sent home to change on Cinco de Mayo.

One student said:

“On Cinco de Mayo, they had all the tacos and we didn’t say nothing. But when it came to Haitian Flag Day, they wanted to take away our fun.”

Despite the claims of discrimination, school officials claim they were only taking precautions because it is exam time for students.

The school district’s spokesman shared:

“Last year we had 200 kids running down the hallways and blaring music.There are (advanced placement) exams going on at the school. Obviously, it’s imperative that there are no disruptions on campus today.”

Whatever the case may be, students were very displeased and took to twitter to share their frustration. This in turn, caused one student to be suspended. Has it really become an issue to share your cultural pride?