Literally there is an app for just about anything you can imagine out and available for download. Well, thanks to popular porn site Pornhub we can now add an exercise app to that list of just about anything you can imagine. The overall goal is for users to enjoy a healthier sexier lifestyle all based off of sexercise.


Yes, Pornhub is very serious about the launch of their new fitness system as the application is actually already available for download.Bangfit is very similar to a multiplayer game as you can play as a single player, two player, or three players. After choosing your player settings, the app proceeds to have different types of sexual positions that anyone can experiment with. The game keeps score so you can compete with your friends if you want to.The game also includes a band that holds your smartphone and tracks your progress when emulating the positions on the screen.You then have the option of posting your score, complete with phrases like “You’re the gym nastiest” or “You’re a booty builder”, on your social media so everyone knows your getting fit for the summer.For now, the game is only available to straight ht relationships but will include the LBGT community with more updates on the app.