IFWT_The Games Block Wars App
Remember a early startegy game called Drug Wars aka Dope Wars, where you had to buy from a selection of drugs then travel from borough to borough and make a profit? Well Game’s ‘Block Wars’ is like this century’s version, except with the violence that actually comes with it!

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This app is going to move like wild fire, the graphics look good for a mobile app, I just wonder if the you as the player really get to participate or will it just be the scenes in-between the game play??

No actual release date as yet, just sometime this summer. The app will be FREE of course but be prepared to spend anywhere from $.99 cents to $99 dollars ?, Right now the assumption is it will be on iOS and Android. Allegedly The Game is also planning on expanding the app(IF this one is successful, and it will be) to an East coast Vs. West coast version, but if that happens, please remember it’s a game, let’s not get any old rivalries started up, please ??