As I’m sure you’ve heard, Nick Cannon is looking to battle anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, for 100k. He said he’s reached out to Tyga and all of Slaughterhouse but “nobody wants it”. But no one really expected him to challenge the man that he had beef with not to long ago. The man that everyone at Wild ‘N Out was teasing him over for a long time. No one really expect him to call out the Rap God himself, Eminem.

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My thoughts? Well, as a youtuber in the comment section put it:

“This nigga said if he win he gone donate the money to a children’s hospital….all them kids is dead my nigga”

Easy Em victory, hands down. I’m pretty sure no one, not even Nick, would argue that. Even Tim Westwood told Nick Cannon to his face in the interview that he would show up and support him but that he would lose lmao.

But one valid question that Nick brings up is “Where is he?” He has publicly challenged the Rap God but where is the response?

“At least tell him to show up to the bout. Show up to the match… I can’t win by default”.

Very True. You gotta give it up to Nick Cannon for his courage. Not only courage but heart, because all the money, as he mentioned before, is going to a children’s hospital.

Will Eminem respond? I guess we’ll see what’s to come of this. It shall be interesting.