Lynette Taylor, wife of former Giants star, Lawrence Taylor, was arrested and arraigned yesterday in Florida after she allegedly attacked LT and caused him to bleed. Police were called to the home and said when they arrived she was cursing them out and tried to kick and hit officers as well.


42-year-old Lynette was arrested on Thursday on 1 count of domestic violence and 1 count of resisting arrest.

She at first denied doing anything, saying “That’s a lie. My husband is a 300 pound linebacker.” The judge has already ordered Lynette to stay at least 500 feet away from L.T. for the time being — no calls, texts or emails either.

Cops say she was all over the place with her story because she also said “Yeah, I beat [his] ass. I made him bleed.” Police say alcohol was involved. Despite the beef and drama, LT is not expected to pursue prosecution.