IFWT_Steph Curry Rose

Sooo last time we had a sexy blonde Cavaliers fan sitting courtside in Cleveland during the Eastern Conference Finals against the Raptors.  This time a sexy woman was spotted during the NBA Finals but she’s not a Cavs fan, she’s a Warriors fan and rumors began to swirl that she’s Stephen Curry’s side chick.

A woman was spotted in a tight blue crop top and a tight yellow skirt or tights, lustfully staring at Curry during their blowout win over the Cavs.  It only took a couple minutes before social media ID’d the woman and discovered she’s a model named Rose.  Going through her Instagram, she appears to be a diehard Warriors fan, doing photoshoots and taking numerous pictures in their gear.  What’s really interesting, is that she has a bunch of videos and pictures sitting courtside at various Warriors games.  Nowwww unless she’s rich, the common belief is that she’s dating one of the players.  Since that’s the picture that went viral, Steph was pegged as the culprit.

You know how Twitter goes… Tons of tweets were sent out calling her his “side bit-h” and claims that Ayesha Curry will kick her ass.

Apparently Rose is basking in her new fame and posted a couple responses on her Twitter page.

I included a couple Twitter posts, her reactions, some of her sexy pics and her twerking video below for your viewing pleasure.

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