Watch out for your coins fellas. Dre & Fifty, are being sued by a music producer. For a the 2003 hit single, P.I.M.P ft. Snoop Doggg.

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Music producer, Brandon ” Dirty Bird” Parrot, is suing the Music Moguls for a song that came out 13 years ago…C’mon son really? The single was featured on Fifty’s, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album. Parrot was told by Aftermath; Dr. Dre’s label, used his track for the hit. 50 Cent wasn’t aware of the original track-maker and Parrot wasn’t included in the album credits. The producer later settled for an unknown amount of money from Aftermath. He late heard that his seclusion wasn’t a mistake at all, resulting in the current situation.

Source: New York Daily News