The Game is one of the celebrities known for using his platform as a successful artist to help those in need. The rapper has donated to many charities and organizations, and even spoiled some of his employees. Most recently he decided to spoil his driveway too. Wait what? Yeah,The Game recently purchased a brand new Ferrari to match the color of his driveway.

Izzie:Instagram || Twitter
The rapper took to his Instagram to post a picture in his new whip in his driveway with the caption:

“@theonlyjmr told me I had too many red cars so what I do…… Went out & got one to match the driveway…. Use to be afraid of spiders when I was little, now I drive em #RichNiggaProblems #Summer16 #GMoney #Ferrari458 #LosAngelesKing #GoalKiller @rdbla”

Well can you buy us a Ferrari too The Game? He is definitely enjoying his well deserved luxurious life. We See you The Game, Congratulations on your new Ferrari!