Ayesha Curry’s father really did almost have a major problem outside of the Cleveland Cavaliers arena, it just wasn’t for the reason she made it seem. Ayesha, who was still trying to find a way to maybe get sympathy for herself after she put her foot in her mouth with her tweet about the NBA being rigged, apologized for that message but then blamed it on being emotional over the fact her father was racially profiled by security and almost arrested. The whole racial profiling was a lie as it has become clear race had nothing to do with anything. Security was not sure if Ayesha’s father really who he said he was since they thought he was a man named David Aminzadeh, who has been sneaking into high profile sporting events for years with fake media credentials.


This guy David is something else. He has apparently been living a fake life posing as a sports reporter for years. He always manages to find ways to get down to the field or court, as you will see below.

Instead of wasting all this time being a fake reporter, maybe he should’ve just found a way to get into the business for real. He has pictures with everyone and I mean EVERYONE. Not sure if he is a con man in the sports world only or if he just has a fetish for celebrities. He has pictures with Beyonce, Vice President Joe Biden, Ben Stiller, Tom Hands, Usher & more.

It’s pretty dangerous that he has been able to sneak into events so much with fake credentials, as you could never know the true intentions of someone like that. Cavs security never did see him come into the arena for game six but later that night he did post a picture of Jay Z & Beyonce from inside he building somewhere, although its not a fact he took the picture himself. He has previously been arrested at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for being caught sneaking into the dunk contest during all-star weekend so the NBA is well aware of this guy.

Check the gallery to see more pics of David sneaking into different games. Do you think he looks enough like Ayesha’s father to warrant him being stopped? I can at least see why they would do their due diligence before letting him go because a little bit of facial hair and the resemblance is much more strong.