The Dallas shooter apparently had explosive materials among other deadly things at his home, making many people think the shooting was a well thought out plan and not something he did in the heat of the moment.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

The news of the explosives came when police searched the home of Micah Xavier Johnson. Now, I doubt he planned on using the explosives during the march. Maybe he didn’t want to harm the protesters or just wanted to use the rifles. All of that is speculative though.

The police also found a ballistic vest, rifles, and plenty of ammunition. A neighbor even saw Johnson recently crawling on the ground of his backyard with a rifle, something that the neighbor just saw as army drills (he was in the army reserve from 2009-2015).

They also found, in which they are describing as, “personal journal of combat tactics”. Yes, he was in the army so this shouldn’t come off as too off. But if you combine that with the fact that he liked a FB page titled “kill everything blue that moves”, that’s going to raise some eyebrows, especially after killing multiple police officers.