During the #StrategyForChange panel, things got really heated between David Banner and Lyfe Jennings. Jennings stated that he doesn’t encourage people to kill police and that no one on the panel would bail them out of jail for it. This is when Banner stepped up and said he would be the one person from the panel to do so. According to a bystander, things did get heated but it wasn’t to the point where people were going to fight. Jennings and Banner have both spoken out since the incident.

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Banner says men are suppose to have difference of opinion. It shows growth. He goes on to say we should not be easily distracted by negative energy. Jennings also took to Instagram to speak on the incident saying he has nothing but respect for David Banner. He says,

Woke up to a lot of media and questions about last night discussions. I have nothing but respect for this man first of all. I think debate is necessary to find solutions. And despite disagreement this is my brother and I support his movement period. I could be wrong but I just don’t agree that these kids picking up guns is gonna solve anything. I think it’ll make it worse. Believe me I know…15yrs in prison I don’t think anybody up there has as much experience with the police as me… #blacklivesmatter

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