IFWT_iPhone 7 Comparison
Well if you weren’t sure if the NEW 7 was pretty much just like the last 2 iPhones, someone decide to make a video to compare it to the 6S, as long as it’s not a 3D printed fake! Yup it’s pretty much just like the 6/6S, except the Antenna lines and the ‘no 3.5mm jack'(I need to add a 2nd speaker in the jacks place, which suggests the phone will be louder on speaker…finally!).

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I wish there was more to add, but right now all we know is what we already knew, but figured you’d want to see this video anyway;

What did you think? I see the bigger camera bump, I really hope the camera is Waaaay better!! What if a better camera make ‘great pics’….new antenna lines make for ‘no dropped calls’, 2nd speaker make for ‘louder calls on speaker’ or ‘loud music’ and IF better processors, apps get better…..would this be an iPhone you’d love?!?