IFWT_Marcus Delicia

Apparently Marcus Vick and Delicia Cordon’s on again, off again relationship is off again.  Marcus is the brother of Mike Vick and also played football himself, Delicia is a clothing designer.  The two were in a relationship for a long time and also have a daughter together.  Marcus was tweeting about a woman catching herpes while chasing money and today decided to stop being cryptic and added names, saying Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy gave his babymother herpes.  She fired back from her Twitter account.

Delicia says Marcus is lying and alluded to something he did back in 2012.  She didn’t say exactly what, but she mentioned his brother Mike paying girls off to keep quiet. This could get super messy.

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Sidenote: In addition to Marcus and LeSean, Delicia has been linked to Floyd Mayweather and Dwyane Wade.

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