OG maco

Over the weekend Atlanta rapper, OG Maco suffered a great deal of misfortune after getting into a pretty grisly car accident and sustaining some pretty major injuries as a result of it. The rapper took to Twitter last Friday, and captioned a photo of himself bruised and battered laying on a stretcher, “#PrayForMaco.”

Andrea: Instagram + Twitter

Although details around what caused the accident are very minimal at this point, as we don’t know if anyone else was involved, what we do know is that Maco will have to undergo two different surgeries within the next two weeks to fix the damage. The rapper who was lucky to survive the incident alluded to the fact that if he hadn’t worn his safe belt, he’s not sure where he would be. As a result of the unexpected accident, Maco now suffers from multiple skull fractures, broken orbital, cracked vertebrae and heart palpitations. Despite, the long journey ahead to recovery, Maco seemed upbeat and relatively positive about escaping the near death situation.

Check out his tweets in the gallery above. Our thoughts and prayers are with Maco. Wishing him a speedy recovery.