Irv x Ash

Back in June, former Taz’s Angel, Ashley Martelle took to social media to count the ways and reasons as to why she was completely smitten with now boyfriend, Irv Gotti who is 20 years her senior. However, there might be a bit of trouble in paradise after footage leaked Sunday night on Snapchat of her giving sloppy toppy to an ex!

Andrea G: Instagram & Twitter

In the incriminating Snap that was posted, it featured Martelle in a towel charming some obscured man’s one eyed snake. And although the man’s face was never seen, most assumed it was Gotti. That quickly changed when the 24-year-old insisted via her Instagram that she had been hacked and that the man in the footage was an ex.

She also revealed prior to making all her social media accounts private that the video was now causing tension with her and Gotti’s current relationship status. Yikes. Let’s see if these two can weather this storm. See what Martelle had to say about the video leaking in the gallery above.

Watch NSFW video below.