During these trying times in our great country, celebrities come forward to use their platform for good and send a message. Someday is TODAY that we live in peace, that we overcome, and that we topple racism. Vid after the jump.

Frankie Zing

The video incepted by Campaign Zero starts with celebrities such as Marlon Wayans, Meagan Good, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Cedric the Entertainer, and more, reciting lyrics to the song “We Shall Overcome”, a longtime protest song associated with the Civil Rights Movement.

The PSA’s director, Tommy Oliver, said on his idea of the video:

“We all know the song, we’ve heard it a thousand times and sang it a hundred, We Shall Overcome, We Shall Overcome Someday… The question that popped into my head was: when is Someday? Some day is today—today is the day we take control of our narrative, take control of our heritage, take control of not only our lives, but of the lives of those who look like us.”