Oh man is this guy asking for it…trust me if he’s for real you don’t want it with Ghost. Shkreli, the man with the sole copy of Wu Tang Clan’s $2 Million album, Once Upon A Time in Shaolin, claims he’s got a couple tricks up his sleeve for his “debut album”.

Frankie Zing

He says he’s got beats from Timbaland, Just Blaze, AND Scott Storch. He could be serious or just blowin smoke but idk why these guys would attach their names to a man like Shkreli – who jacked up the price of AIDS medication to $750 a pill from $7. He claims on the album he’s taking shots at many rappers and has a banger on there called “What Dat Mouf Do” lmao. See the tracklist below and photos of the reveal in the gallery above:

1. cease and desist
2. what dat mouf do
3. i aint dindu nothin
4. bodybags
5. the dream
6. scott storch beat/untitled
7. just blaze beat/untitled
8. ghostbusters ——– i’m guessing this would be the ghostface diss record lol
9. timbo beat/ untitled
10. lets git this money
11. champion (MMA and everything else)

Maybe he’s just trying to stay a relevant rapper.