A florida man made a scene in bond court as he was arrested for stealing a car from a high school parking lot. When the man walked into court, he screamed “How you doing?” at the judge as he twerked. Judge Catherine M. Pooler was highly unamused at this behavior.

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30-year-old Calvin Lloyd Griffith was picked up after suspicion of carjacking a vehicle parked at Miami Edison Senior High School. In addition to the horrible twerking, Griffith shouted out that his mother was in the building as if he was winning an award of some sort. His mother was in the building to bring him his meds which he had stopped taking. Griffith suffers from a mental illness and has had many run-ins with police including burglary, and is known by officers at the court house as a “mentally impaired person.” Griffith was caught after a surveillance video captured his face.

Source: Complex