IFWT_Tyga Kylie Baby Slice

Kimbo Slice’s son Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson, is making his pro debut at Bellator 160 on August 26th.  The MMA Fighter says he planning a pretty cool tribute to his father at the fight.

Baby Slice has a grill like his dad and plans to come out with the first song his father did with Trick Daddy, IF it’s ok with Bellator.  One thing he definitely plans to give as a tribute is a knockout.

So while he’s talking about his upcoming fight and tribute for his father, for some reason TMZ SPORTS asks him which Kardashian sister would he wanna “take down.”

His response? “The youngest one.”  He says he’ll take Kylie Jenner from her boyfriend Tyga and there’s nothing he can do about it.  He tells Tyga to “stick to rapping” because he doesn’t wanna see those hands.

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