Since July of 2010, Tyler, The Creator has been on Twitter under the infamous handle, @fucktyler. Of course, this isn’t the most family-friendly name, but as an artist who thrived off controversy and whose popularity reigned mainly on an underground level, this wasn’t much of a concern for the young rapper.

Times have changed, however.

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“RIP FUCKTYLER, WILL MISS YOU,” Tyler, who’s now simply using his rap name on Twitter, wrote last night. “ITS BEEN GREAT, BUT NOW ITS TIME FOR ME TO……IDK WHAT EXACTLY, BUT ITS TIME, IM OK WITH THAT. LOVE YOU.”

Of course someone picked up the old handle immediately, and they’re now soliciting bids – starting with a climate check for one of Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry magazines.

Will you miss @fucktyler?