News of the shooting death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin, Nykea Aldridge, is still fresh and police are still trying to gather information to find the suspects but Donald Trump is already trying to use the tragic incident for his own gain. He is willing to do anything to make a spectacle of himself and draw the attention of not so intelligent folks away from the real issue. Electing Trump as the next president will do nothing to stop gun violence in cities like Chicago but he damn sure wants his followers to believe that.


Personally, I don’t trust any politicians but Trump is a different kind of clown. Only a selfish, heartless fool would try and turn a tragic murder into an opportunity to get votes.

Earlier this morning, he tweeted about Wade’s cousin being shot and while someone with common sense would show compassion or empathy, he made it into a political issue to attract the African-American vote.

Check the gallery to see his tweet. I feel secure in saying to myself that this type of clown move on his part will actually hurt him when it comes to votes, rather than help.