As you know, Chris Brown was accused of pulling a gun on a girl who was in his home, Baylee Curran, who claims she was merely “admiring” a piece of jewelry he and/or his friends had out. (AKA, this bird was trying to steal!)

After over 9 hours at his home, cops finally arrested Chris on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He was released on $250,000 bail less than two hours later. Cops also obtained a search warrant to look for the weapon that Curran described, and conducted a “protective sweep” of Chris‘ home. There is no word on whether they found anything, but since he hasn’t been hit with a weapons charge, it would appear that they didn’t. It also doesn’t coincide with TMZ‘s still-unconfirmed report that Chris threw a duffel bag out of a window that contained “guns and drugs.”

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Chris is scheduled to appear in court for this on September 20. Now on to the REAL tea – Curran is actually wanted in NYC for stealing a designer purse at an upscale hotel! Per TMZ:

“Baylee was vacationing with a few friends at The Plaza back in 2013 when they began arguing in the hotel. According to police docs, Baylee snatched a $1,000 Louis Vuitton purse from one of the girls and ran out of the hotel. The purse contained $200 in cash, as well as credit cards and a Michael Kors wallet. Security chased Baylee, who allegedly dropped the purse but somehow fled with the contents.”

Cops never got to her, so they have an active I-Card on her, which allows NYPD cops to pick her up and take her to the station for questioning, if they find her in the city. And get this – the person she robbed got a restraining order against Baylee from an L.A. judge!

Baylee‘s “rep” (why does she have a rep?) tells TMZ that she had “no idea” that cops wanted her for questioning and that it was her friend who stole it, not her. BULLSH*T! This further proves that she was trying to steal his jewelry and he got her the f*ck out of there. This is so sad.