The Seattle Seahawks have been mentioning all week their intent to protest as a team this Sunday during week one of the NFL season. During one of their preseason games, defensive back Jeremy Lane sat on the bench during the national anthem while the rest of the team stood. Lane said he was supporting Colin Kaepernick despite the teams being fierce rivals. Lane caught some backlash for sitting but had the support of his teammates who decided to take it a step further and have a team focused protest. After a week of speculation as to what the team might do tomorrow, wide receiver Doug Baldwin took to twitter and let us in on the big secret and let’s just say it’s a bit underwhelming.


There is nothing wrong with the Seahawks deciding to to things this way but the way they teased and hyped it up led us to believe they were going to do something major.

Instead, they are basically coming out saying “all lives matter” which is fine but not exactly a form of protest either. They should still be given credit for furthering the discussion about race and police matters but maybe next time they won’t make it seem like they are getting all dressed up just to wind up wearing plain khakis.